Zion Xtreme Gaming RAM DDR3 1600 MHz Review

Zion Xtreme Gaming RAM DDR3 1600 MHz Review

Zion Xtreme Gaming RAM 8 GB 1600 MHz

25th March 2016

Product Specs :-

Size: 8192MB


Speed: PC1600

No.of IC: 16 Chips


Selecting a PC for gaming isn’t as easy as people believe. To get the full experience of the latest games requires you to have a powerful PC. While it is easy to pick up the latest offering from the established PC makers, the process turns out to be quite expensive. The average Indian Gamer cannot afford to spend a couple of lakh rupees on a gaming rig. However assembling a budget PC is well within the reach of most gamers.


Today, we will be discussing RAMs and reviewing one. RAM or Random Access Memory is one of the first things you can upgrade to increase the life of your PC. It is a form of computer data storage which basically allows data to be read or written in the same amount of time irrespective of the physical location of the data in the computer. In short, it makes your PC faster.
I have been using the same desktop PC for the last 3 years. Recently it started giving me some problems. Low FPS during games, long loading times, blue screens, etc. Doing some self study basically informed me that the main cause for this would be the RAM. Since upgrading the whole PC wasn’t an option I decided to upgrade my RAM with a RAM from Zion RAM.

I upgraded to the Zion Xtreme Gaming RAM 8 GB DDR3 1600 MHz. Zion RAM is a company that specializes in Gaming RAMs. Why 8 GB and not 16 GB? Well the thing is that 8 GB is more than enough for most functions. Unless you fancy yourself as a hardcore video editor, running multiple editing programs simultaneously, 8 GB should be enough for both your needs and greeds. You can always get the 16 GB to boast about having more RAM, but it seems a bit too much effort and money for the bragging rights.


Changing the RAM isn’t the hardest thing in the world. All I had to do is open my computer and attach it in the right slot. There was no issue with the dimensions of the RAM. I immediately felt a change when I upgraded my RAM. Since switching to Zion Xtreme Gaming RAM DDR3 1600 MHz, my DotA 2 stopped crashing and my FPS went back to a constant 90-100. However I wasn’t satisfied with just that, I wanted to really put the RAM through its paces to see if I had got my money’s worth.

When I had 1st purchased my PC I could run DotA 2 along with Dark Souls at the same time without either game being affected. While queuing up for Matchmaking, I would try and play Dark Souls at the same time. Both of the games would run at the optimum efficiency. In trying to find the limits of my RAM, I launched Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin (The newest dark souls which has higher system requirements) and DotA 2 at the same time. Alt tabbing between them was smooth and on checking the inbuilt memory diagnostic tool, it was seen that there was still free memory left. The performance was so good that it completely slipped my mind that I had a matchmaking queue and I promptly got a 15 min wait period.


Feeling a little more curious and having read about how chrome takes up a huge amount of memory, I opened no less than 10 chrome tabs at the same time. Yet everything was running smoothly. At this point, I was determined to find out the limits of the RAM. I have never been one of those people who regularly run Anti-Virus checks on my PC. More often than not, I would disable the Anti-Virus to get better performance from my PC. Hence a clean-up was long overdue. Normally running my Anti-Virus would require me to stop playing even a single game as the performance of the game would suffer. This time however things were a bit different.


Both Games were running side by side and I had an open 10 tabs on chrome. At the same time my Anti-Virus was running. When I checked the memory diagnostic tool, I observed that the RAM had finally been filled up. However even after that, both games were working fine, albeit with longer than average loading times. Shutting down by chrome tabs caused some improvement in the loading times and cases where only one game was launched, it worked with no issues at all.

Zion Xtreme Gaming RAM Performance: 3 Games + 11 Tabs + Anti Virus
Zion Xtreme Gaming RAM Performance: 3 Games + 11 Tabs + Anti Virus

However, even during the times when the RAM was completely overloaded, there were no issues at all, and even though the load times were longer, they were just longer by a 5-6 seconds. The only reason you even notice them because the normal loading times are so low.

Having used Zion Xtreme Gaming RAM DDR3 1600 MHz for nearly a month, I haven’t  encountered any real issues with the product.


I would  definitely say that this product from Zion RAM is one I would recommend to any person thinking of replacing / upgrading their RAM. If you’re looking for a good gaming RAM, go for the Zion Xtreme Gaming RAM DDR3 1600 MHz! The fact that it is completely Indian makes it all the more sweeter!


We will be coming back with more reviews on gaming hardware for all you gamers pretty soon!

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