The Great Indian DotA 2 Shuffle: A Year’s Journey

The Great Indian DotA 2 Shuffle: A Year’s Journey

A Year's Jounrey

7th Sept 2016

About this time a year ago, NeckBREAK were celebrating total dominance in the Indian DotA 2 scene.  Having just asserted their dominance in the Indian Subcontinent by winning MaG Gaming’s Double Damage, the team looked pretty strong going ahead. Though they were the dominant team, teams like Team Elunes, Bad Xcuse, Surekh Gaming, Piece Of Cake and Roar E-Sports were always making a mark in tournaments.


A few weeks later, Elunes recruited Swifty from Surekh Gaming and Blizzard from Bad Xcuse and though that meant Team Elunes got a lot stronger, it basically meant the end of the road for the other 2 teams with their talismanic players venturing in search of greener pastures!


The top 2 teams were getting stronger but the number of good teams had started dwindling by the end of 2015. With Roar E-Sports on a break of sorts during the start of 2016, 3 teams that consistently made the podium were Beyond Infinity (earlier Team Elunes), Invisible Wings (earlier NeckBREAK) and Piece Of Cake with Archmage having joined the Bangalore based team.


When Haunter decided to take a break from the scene, IW called upon Archmage to fill his void. It was an offer he couldn’t refuse with the loss of their prolific mid, PoC’s days of dominance were all but over.


And here we are now. Looking at how things have been going, this had to happen. BI and IW have announced they will be merging their teams to form a team the likes of which the Indian DotA 2 scene is yet to witness! The roster for this team will be:

Raunak ‘Crowley’ Sen

Moin ‘NO_Chanc3’ Ejaz

Balaji ‘Blizzard’ Ramanarayan

Jeet ‘Swifty’ Kundra

Darshan ‘A35’ Bata

Ketan ‘EvilAsh’ Goyal (Coach)

Entity Esports

Swifty will be taking up the support role and playing alongside NO_Chanc3  while Blizzard and Crowley will be position 1 and 2 respectively. A35, as he is known for, will take up the offlane role.


Zeddisbug announced his retirement from professional E-Sports a few days ago. What will happen of Battosai, Archamage and Pandemic though, remains to be see. There are rumours of a secondary team; however no such official announcement has been made either by Beyond Infinity or Invisible Wings.


So we stand here, at a point where we probably have the strongest team in the history of DotA 2, but also where the internal competition in the country has been reduced to dust. There will be no BI – IW games to look forward to but at the same time, we could expect a lot more in the international scene!


It’s a double edged sword, but one that we definitely needed I believe. I can only hope that this team goes on to put India on the global DotA 2 map!

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