The Big Winners and Losers of DOTA 2 6.86

The Big Winners and Losers of DOTA 2 6.86

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Date: 16 Dec 2015

Here’s how MaG Gaming sees the changes affecting the heroes in 6.86! If you have an alternate opinion, let us hear it!

Big winners in the new meta!



With Batrider’s base HP regen increased from 0.25 to 2, his survivability in the lane will improve a lot. Add a mango to the invent and things look pretty good!


With the early level mana reduction for flame break, it’s going to be easier for the Batrider to either chase down foes or flame his way through cliffs and trees to make an escape.


What with fellow offlaners like Doom and Slardar being nerfed coupled with this buff, we just might see a bit more of the Bat guy in the number 3 role.





A reduction in the drunken haze cooldown coupled with buffs to the abilities of the split Pandas will mean the drunken beast will have a lot more chasing potential than before.





Bristleback is going to be smiling a lot this meta. Increase in the quill spray damage and reduction in the nasal goo mana cost is just the tip of the iceberg. The scepter addition gives Bristleback the ability to spray all nearby enemies with Nasal Goo. And the scepter stats just add to his  tankiness.


Imagine a BB – Alchemist duo. Alchemist gifts a scepter to the Bristleback, Nasal Goo and Acid Spray reduces the enemy armor by huge amounts while these two monsters hack them down..oh the humanities! With BB’s favorite Vanguard also getting a buff (100 % damage block for 32 damage from the 75 % damage block for 40 damage), this guy is probably one of the biggest winners of 6.86. We’ll probably be seeing a lot of the Bristleback in this meta.



Increase in base strength, reduction in Penitence mana and an increase in the Penitence duration (except for level 4, where it stays the same) means Chen just got a lot more effective during the early stages of the game!



Death Prophet


We might see a return to the mid lane (a more frequent one) for DP in this patch.


Witchcraft has been removed but the buffs from Witchcraft have been incorporated in the skills. The replacement skill, Spirit Siphon, let’s DP drain HP from a hero for 4 seconds. And this can be done with 4 heroes at a time!


She’s been kept away from the CM mode for the time being, but with some balancing, she’ll be back soon.



Dragon Knight


A massive increase in the Dragon Blood HP regen (from 5 to 12 at level 4) is going to make life a lot easier for him during the laning stages. Increase in the Elder Dragon Frost Form AoE from 250 to 300 is just the icing on the cake.



Elder Titan


Earth Splitter level 3 damage increased to 50 %. That too with the physical damage component not blocked by Damage Block! If you have a lockdown to land this ulti, Elder Titan is gonna do some massive damage!





Get him an Aghanim’s Scepter and anyone in the path of the ship is dragged with it to the crash point. Torrent, Tidebringer, RAMPAGE?! (yeah it does sound nice) With the right positioning, this ability can be abused a lot.


Torrent now gives vision of the area as soon as it is cast. Maybe an offlane or number 4 reserved for him?! Would love to see this guy back in the professional scene.



An increase in the Rage attack speed for the initial levels along with increase in the Feast lifesteal percentage (0.5 % for each level) could maybe mean a quick entrance into the jungle?


The major change though is the reduction in the infest level 3 cooldown to 50 from 100. Let’s see if this makes him more prone to be picked.





Get him an Aghanim’s Scepter and you get an Empower Aura (50 % for ranged heroes). This has the potential to wreck some real havoc. Whether it will be picked over the usual Blink, Force Staff, Refresher’s remains to be seen.





Mirana had already received a nice buff in the last patch with her agi gain going up from 2.6 to 3.3 Add to that an increase in attack range by 30 and Starstorm radius increased from 625 to 650, and that’s one happy girl on a pussy cat!


Additionally, Sacred Arrow now instantly kills the first unit it hits if it is a non-ancient creep. A level 1 jungling Mirana maybe?! The possibilities are endless!



Nature’s Prophet


As if dealing with his pushes wasn’t a pain in the ass, it’s more so now. Treant damage has been increased from 28 to 32 and even though this might not look to be a big buff, coupled with all the treants sprouting after his Scepter, this is definitely gonna make NP a bigger pain in the ass!





Ursa The Oprah Winfrey style distribution of scepters for heroes in 6.86 looks like it’s gonna make Ursa an utter nuisance (like he wasn’t one already). With the scepter Enrage, like Borrowed Time, can be cast when disabled, while simultaneously reducing its cooldown massively.





Another Scepter beneficiary, Tide, can now cast Gush as a ground targeted wave ability with immense range. The AoE armor reduction will come real handy after you cast those killer 5 man ravages.



Vengeful Spirit


Influenced by Arc Warden’s ultimate, Aghanim’s Scepter on Vengie (while mainting the earlier Scepter buff) now summons an illusion of Vengeful upon death that can cast all her abilities except for items. The illusion takes 150% damage and gives 50% damage. This basically means having to deal with 6 heroes!





Looks like we will be seeing a lot more of Timbersaw in the near future. The increase of the Whirling Death debuff duration from 7 to 11 seconds and mana cost reduced to 70 are starters. Additionally, the duration of Reactive Armor is gonna help Timbersaw cause a lot more chaos in 6.86. A very good pick against right clickers to say the least.





4 second meat hook cooldown with 475 pure damage! Let that sink in! Seems like it’s gonna be impossible to evade a Pudge with an Aghanim’s Scepter now. Add the Aether Lens to the inventory and Pudge can literally hook an opposition hero in the Rohsan pit from the Radiant jungle! Scary stuff..!


On top of that bombshell, all the previous Scepter buffs on the Dismember i.e. the heal and a percentage of Pudge’s max strength as damage, will be available without the Scepter now. Good Game Well Played?!




Arcane Curse, Silencer’s new skill seems like it’s gonna be as annoying as its predecessor. The dps of this AoE skill keeps on recurring if any abilities are used before its duration is elapsed. Well at least we won’t have to deal with any mana drain this time.


The main buff though, is that Glaives Of Wisdom is no longer a unique attack modifier. This opens a host of new possibilities for a carry silencer! A Skadi or Satanic to add to all that sick damage could prove to be a game changer!





Every dota player(of more than a month) must have experienced the frustration of losing a simple Morphling kill because of the frustrating strength Morph and being blasted into smithereens with an ethereal blade after an agility Morph. And now with the increase in the Morph rate to a maximum of 16, that frustration is only going to grow.


Also, the increase in the base damage and reduction in mana cost of the Adaptive Strike are going to make Morphling a serious contender for the new meta. A special mention to Earth Spirit and Oracle who have finally made it to the Captain’s Mode! New tactics brewing in the professional teams?!

The Winners always come at the cost of there being a few losers. Here are the Big Losers of 6.86..




Berserker’s Blood maximum magic resistance reduced from 42/56/70/84% to 20/30/40/50% .Massive reduction in magic resistance means we probably won’t be seeing Huskar being picked as often as he was in the last patch.


Reduction in magic resistance also means spells like Lion’s Finger of Death , Lina’s Laguna blade will be used without second thoughts in this patch. (Finally Lion gets to finger Huskar 😛 )


So in short it will be easier to kill Huskar in this patch compared to the previous patch and hence he may drift away from being picked in the competitive scene.

husk crying



Shallow Grave is one of the most effective skills in the game. It can turn team fights due to the surviving ability it gives on whoever it is used on and often leads to fight going against a team to fights going in favor of a team.


But, there is a bad news. Yes, Shallow Grave is nerfed. 2 aspects of the skill have been changed

  1. Shallow Grave mana cost increased from 140/130/120/110 to 150 150 mana at level 1 or 2 for any hero is a lot of mana to dispel at an early stage and thus decreases the ability to use other spells effectively.
  1. Shallow Grave cast point increased from 0.3 to 0.35


Increasing the cast point for this skill means the hero takes a bit longer to cast the spell. So this means there will be a delay in casting this spell and thus lead to heroes relying on Shallow grave in fights fall faster. Weave no longer provides flying vision and now provides ground vision for the AOE of ability for 3 seconds. So basically it will no longer give unrestricted vision and trees and building will now block the vision it provided as it now only provides ground vision.



Queen of Pain


Scream of Pain damage reduced from 85/165/225/300 to 75/150/225/300 We all know what a Queen of Pain can do in the early stages of the game. Nuke the opponents down pretty easily and aggressively.


Scream of Pain damage scaled down a bit, and this won’t make her as dangerous as she was in the previous patch. Sonic Wave travel speed reduced from 1100 to 900 Reduction in Travel Speed of Sonic Wave means that the opponents have a slight advantage of dodging the spell.





Shackleshot is disjointable. A quick blink or use of your Shadow Blade can ensure you aren’t Shackled and at the mercy of Windy (although most guys won’t mind being shackled by such a beutiful girl 😉 )

Shackleshot angle reduced from 26 degrees to 23 degrees.This will make it slightly harder to latch those shackles onto heroes.





Tusk’s Ice Shards damage reduced from 70/140/210/280 to 60/120/180/240 (not to mention the mana cost nerf to the Shards in 6.85). This along with the movement speed reduction (305 to 300) is going to hamper his early game effectiveness.

Snowball can no longer pull units out of Blackhole or Chronosphere Snowball gather radius reduced from 400 to 350 .

6.86 has made it a little difficult for Tusk to pull his allies out of tricky  situations by reducing Snowball’s gather radius. Also Snowball is ineffective on allies caught in Chronosphere and Black Hole now which, let’s be honest, just made void and enigma look like fools. 





Tombstone Zombie damage reduced from 35 to 33. With a Gazillion Zombies chasing you, even the slightest bit of damage reduction can favour you.


 Tombstone bounty increased from 75/100/125/150 to 125/150/175/200The increased bounty on the Tombstone is an added bonus to the enemy.



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  • U dint mention anything about void and sand king

  • mag gaming

    Void has lost Backtrack, the one ability that could turn ganks totally! How his new ability and the change in Timewalk will affect him remains to be seen! So he hasn’t really been considered as a winner or a loser.

    In case of Sandking, the range is great but investing so much just for the range is not something that everyone will be interested in. If his ulti still grew stronger along with the range when the Scepter was added, then it would’ve been a big win! For now it’s neutral grounds.

  • manav

    Nice reviews… good going mag gaming…

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    Really nice post
    Good work…
    Level 1 mirana jungle sounds nice 😬 😉

  • mag gaming

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  • mag gaming


    Oh yes..jungling Mirana seems like a nice prospect!

  • Earthlings

    you forgot to mention Earth Spirit, he lose on patch 6.86. his stun adjusted to smaller radius, and his pull cannot pull allies without scepter, that means his EARLY game potential nerf badly. all i see is nerf in every patch… poor thing

  • Dota 2 is imba now! This Dota 2 reborn must suck!!!

  • mag gaming

    Yes Earth Spirit has definitely been nerfed..but he’s also finally made it to the CM mode! So that is a major positive thing going his way..!