The DotA 2 6.86 Item Implications! What shit you can do with the new and changed items..

The DotA 2 6.86 Item Implications! What shit you can do with the new and changed items..

Christmas Pudge

Date: 17th Dec 2015


The new items added in 6.86 are definitely gonna spice stuff up. How? Here’s a few possibilities..



Faerie Fire

Cost: 75 gold

Provides: +2 Damage

Use: Restores 75 HP

Cooldown: 5 seconds

Good in the early game for carries, mid heroes as well as off lane heroes, more likely to be used by off lane heroes and mid heroes because of the +2 damage and also HP restoration which will help heroes escape early ganks.



Aether Lens

Cost: Energy Booster (900) + Ring Of Health (850) + Cloak (550) = 2300

Provides: +250 Mana

+8 HP Regeneration

+ 15 Magic Resistance

+ 200 Cast Range

+ 8% Spell Damage

This item is probably one of the best items introduced into the game. Grants Mana, provides magic resistance, HP regeneration, increases the cast range of spells and also spell damage of heroes. What more can one ask for?

I see so many heroes making this item also because of the option to disassemble it.

How things change? Let’s find out..



Skill: Hook

Hook Range at Level 4 – 1300

Hook Range after Aether Lens at Level 4 – 1300+200 = 1500

Brace yourself for some really loooooonggg hooks coming out of the Butcher!!


Skill: Glimpse

Range at Level 4 – 1800

Range at Level 4 after Aether Lens at Level 4 – 1800+200 = 2000

Wow! 2000 range means Disruptor can glimpse heroes from like a huge distance and make them wonder what hit them.


Besides these, there are quite a few other who’ll benefit from this. Get a Sand King or Tidehunter with a Sceptor and you’ve some lethal shit!


Happy Tide




Iron Talon


Cost: Quelling Blade (200) + Ring Of Protection (175) + Recipe (125) = 500 Gold

Provides: +2 armour

Active: Lets you target non-player enemy units to remove 40% of their current HP.

A good item for heroes who look to jungle and farm. Also good for supports that lose out on XP roaming around placing wards, stacking camps etc.

Removes 40% of the current HP of non-enemy units means it makes it easy to clear neutral camps and farm up at a faster rate.


Good for jungle Heroes like Lycan, Legion Commander, Lifestealer and Alchemist.

Consider a Mirana with an Iron Talon at a Hellbear camp. The big one is taken down with a Sacred Arrow. The second one goes down by 40 % and is finished off. Basically, Mirana has a cakewalk in the jungle. We could possibly be heading into a jungling meta..

Dragon Lance

Ogre Club (1000)
Quarterstaff (875)
Total: 1875

+ 10 Strength
+ 10 Attack Speed
+ 10 Damage
+ 130 Attack Range (ranged heroes only, does not stack)

Can be disassembled.


Possible users:


1) Sniper

Well the no changes have gone in favour of Sniper ability wise, but Dragon Lance could be his ticket back into the pubs (in the professional scene, maybe not).

With Sniper’s basic range of 550, additional 400 range by the ‘Take Aim’ plus the 130 range from the Dragon Lance..that’s a range of 1080! (yeah that’s just as awesome as HD 😉 )

With some good ward vision at night time, Sniper can literally hit opposition heroes by standing outside their vision!

The 10 Strength (190 HP) and additional damage and attack speed are just added bonuses.


2) Huskar

Huskar is gonna be seen a lot less this patch with the major nerf to Beserker’s Blood. But if he is picked, by say sick Huskar players like Miracle, then this is a very viable invent for him.

The +10 Strength also gives Huskar 10 additional damage being a Strength hero (total damage increase of 20).

So we have a harder hitting Huskar with 530 range (original 400) and it can be later disassembled for a BKB (might see more of that on Huskar now that the magic resistance has been reduced from a maximum of 84 % to 50 %)


3) Gyrocopter

Probably one of the best candidates for a Dragon Lance if you can get some quick farm on him.

Mid game disassemble it, Sange or BKB with the Ogre Axe, Butterfly with the Quarterstaff. Sorted life!


4) Enchantress

Level 3 Impetus has 25 % distance as damage. Enchantress has a range on 550. Sceptor gives her a range of 740. Add a Dragon Lance, that range becomes 870. Let’s see what the implications of this are..

550 range = 137.5 PURE DAMAGE

740 range = 185 PURE DAMAGE

870 range = 217.5 PURE DAMAGE

That’s the damage beside her usual right click damage. The last patch removed the Unique Attack Modifier on Impetus and now this!

No one is really considering Enchantress for a core, but this might change things a bit. Sceptor, Dragon Lance, Desolator maybe?! That’s a lot of damage right there! The Sceptor and Dragon Lance also get rid of Enchantress’s problem of being a bit to paper. A Skadi can also be a possibility instead of a Deso..let’s see what people make of it!






Existing items that have been changed and could have considerable implications..


Phase Boots

Phase active no longer cancels while casting spells.

Although this may not come upon as a huge change but this is quite an interesting change.

Phase active while casting spells gives heroes additional movement speed while casting spells. Good for heroes who have low cooldown on spells for example Bristleback.

They can inflict huge damage plus and move around swiftly while doing so!


Assault Cuirass

Attack Speed aura bonus now affects buildings (+20 attack speed)

Imagine your towers firing faster. This means more damage in a short span of time. Yes, the new Assault Cuirass gives the attack speed aura to towers.

If you’ve also got an Ogre in the team, Bloodlust + AC aura gives the tower 60 + 20 more attack speed! That is insane..!

Definitely a good item to add to your high ground defence potential, considering the building also get the added armour from the aura.



Rod of Atos

Road of Atos’ active, Cripple, now grants the units that attacks the targets 40% accuracy which basically means they won’t miss 40 % of the times they usually would have. Let’s see how that affects things..


1) Phantom Assassin

PA has a 50 % dodge rate at level 4 of Blur. Add a 40 % increase in the accuracy and you get only a 30 % (50 % dodge initially. Add 40 % of 50 which is 20 and you get 70 % accuracy and 30 % dodge). An early Rod of Atos on a support can result in a annoyed PA!


2) Butterfly

35 % evasion becomes 21 % evasion



3) Halberd

25 % evasion becomes 15 % evasion

So basically Rod of Atos could now be another solution for evasion!

One thing is for sure..this patch is gonna make things pretty interesting!

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