Indian DotA 2 Shuffle: Ingenius Archmage To Join Ex-NB

Indian DotA 2 Shuffle: Ingenius Archmage To Join Ex-NB

Ingenius Archmage

24th March 2016

While the post Shanghai Major is in full throttle in the international DotA 2 scene, there’s some post Kaolin Cup shuffle taking place in the Indian scene!

Ingenius Archmage, the talismanic mid for Piece Of Cake, will be making the switch from the Bengaluru team to the Ex-NeckBREAK squad. He will be replacing Haunter who is allegedly taking time off from DotA 2 for studies. Their new roster looks like this:

Mr. Crowley – Mid

Pandemic – Carry

A 35 – Offlane

EvilAsh – Support

Ingenius Archmage – Support


Archmage, who has always been known for his play in the mid lane for teams like Mad Company, Bad Xcuse and Piece Of Cake, will find himself thrust into the support role. Earlier in his interview with MaG Gaming’s Sesshoumaru, he had expressed that he would like to play support if not mid. How well he will fill up Haunter’s slot remains to be seen!

Piece Of Cake’s ephemeral roster with Archmage achieved quite a bit of success during the two and a half months he was there. They won the Dotanator tourney in Bangalore hosted by LXG, the Overheat League and the DotA 2 tourney hosted by SRM College in Chennai. They finished up as runners up at Pune’s Video Game Fest and the National DotA 2 Championship with 3rd place finishes in Mangima 2016 hosted by Tranzeneca Gaming and MaG Gaming’s Kaolin Cup..!


We’ll be waiting to hear from PoC regarding their new position 2!


It’s after two years that the Ex-NB roster has undergone a change! With results not going their way in the past few tournaments, the injection of some ingenious support play might be just the thing they are looking for!


The next event will give us all a better idea of the influence of this change..should be exciting to see this team (who will hopefully decide on a new permanent name soon) in action!