HAVOKED: The Chaos Begins

HAVOKED: The Chaos Begins

Havoked - The Chaos Begins

24th May 2016

We’re just a few days away from ‘HAVOKED’ and the chaos is about to begin!


The event will be hosted by MaG Gaming at Havok Nation in Viman Nagar,Pune from the 27th of May to the 29th of May.


We’ll be having DotA 2, FIFA 16 and Hearthstone as the games that will be played!


The prizepool for DotA 2 is Rs. 50,000 with the split being as follows:

1st place: Rs. 25,000

2nd place: Rs. 15,000

3rd place: Rs. 10,000

The format will be single elimination till the top 8 and double elimination from there on. The entry fee is Rs. 500 per team.

If you haven’t yet registered, this is where you go:



The prizepool for FIFA 16 is Rs. 30,000 with the split being as follows:

1st place: Rs. 15,000

2nd place: Rs. 10,000

3rd place: Rs. 5,000

The entry fee fro FIFA 16 is Rs. 200 with re-entry allowed ONCE for Rs. 100. The format is single elimination with games till quarters being best of 1, quarters being best of 3, semis being best of 5 with the finals being played in a best of 7 series!

If you think you’ve got the controller skills, sigh up right here:



The prizepool for Hearthstone is Rs. 10,000 and the split is as follows:

1st place: Rs. 5,000

2nd place: Rs. 3,000

3rd place: Rs. 2,000

The format is single elimination and every game will be a best of 3. If the number of entries are low, we will be changing the format to best of. This is where you register for Hearthstone:


We’ve got 3 great sponsors for the event!


First, GIGABYTE, who need no introduction and are amongst the best when it comes to motherboards for your rigs! Check out for more info!


Secondly, we have G2A, which is the world’s biggest digital market for games! MaG Gaming is powered by and you’ll find the best deals on games at!


And last but not the least, we have Beyond Infinity’s owner, Neerav Rukhana, who himself is an avid gamer and is working to better the Indian E-Sports scene! Check out Beyond Infinity’s Facebook Page:


We also have accommodation available if you are planning to come from out of Pune. Let us know in advance!


Let’s make this a grand event!