From ‘THE KAOLIN CUP’ To Beyond Infinity!

From ‘THE KAOLIN CUP’ To Beyond Infinity!

Winners Of 'The Kaolin Cup'

23rd Feb 2016

How many times have we heard the phrase ‘The only thing that’s constant, is change’?! But you’re never really ready for it; for expecting the unexpected. Something of the sorts seems to have happened in the last 6 months or so. Beyond Infinity (earlier Team Elunes) have put in some very good performances and gained supremacy over Ex-NeckBREAK as the best in India.


The latest one of these performances came in the Grand Finals of ‘THE KAOLIN CUP’ when BI beat Ex-NB 3-0 in the Bo5 Grand Finals to win the tourney and stake their claim at the top!


The tournament started off with 256 teams and was a joint venture between Ajeenya DY Patil University and MaG Gaming! The expected teams like Surekh Gaming, Bad Xcuse, Aggressive 5, Piece Of Cake, Ex-NB and Beyond Infinity all made it to the top 8..but there were a couple of surprise entries too! Never Say Noo To Panda (who defeated N.S. Pro in their journey to the top 8) and 2 Headed Scrub (who beat Synergy 2-1 in a very tough series in the round of 16) were two teams that probably no one expected would make it to the final stages!


The initial rounds of the top 8 didn’t see a lot of tough games with Aggressive 5 beating NSN2P, Ex-NB beating Surekh Gaming, Beyond Infinity annihilating 2 Headed Scrub and Bad Xcuse putting PoC in the Loser Bracket. Surprisingly, all games ended up 2-0. Here’s how the bracket proceeded:

BRACKET new copy

In the entire bracket, surprisingly, the only game that went to a decider was the Winner Bracket Finals between Beyond Infinity and Ex-NB. All the others were straight 2-0 victories with the Bo5 Grand Final a 3-0 victory for Beyond Infinity.


The Aggressive 5 vs PoC game promised to be a tough one; but PoC came all guns blazing and took the series 2-0 pretty comfortably. A superb Chen played y -Symphony- in game 1 and Ingenius Archmage’s OD in game 2 secured the wins for PoC.


Unavailability of players meant Bad Xcuse had to forfeit and settle for 5th/6th position; which meant Surekh Gaming went ahead and faced PoC for a place in the Loser Bracket Finals. PoC looked quite confident as they took game without breaking much of a sweat. Game two would’ve made Alliance proud of them..even though they were losing the fights, they had such a good push lineup that Surekh Gaming were perplexed on how to defend. The base was down in 20 minutes and PoC went ahead, meaning SG cemented the fourth position. A really good run by Surekh Gaming considering it’s a completely new roster being tried out by Backlash! They can only get better..


The Winner Bracket Finals were worthy of a Grand Final. Beyond Infinity stomped Ex-NB with a Sven-Io combo in game one. They picked the same combo in game two and looked to be on the road to victory, but some very clever pick offs on Blizzard’s Sven by Ex-NB saw Beyond Infinity in a position to defend without the very farmed Sven. Naturally, they were unable to do it and Ex-NB made levelled the series 1-1.

Game 3 went on pretty even terms for a while. Haunter’s Bounty Hunter could’ve made the difference, but with Swifty on the Zeus, Beyond Infinity massacred the Bounty and even when he finally managed to reach level 6, Ex-NB couldn’t get enough track kills to make any sort of comeback. 2-1 to Beyond Infinity!


The Loser Bracket Final was a repeat of the VGF 2016 Finals! Ex-NB took on PoC; and PoC didn’t really have good memories of that time! What ensued was one of the best games of the tourney! Crowley on the Death Prophet was terrorizing PoC and Rampage wasn’t really having a very good game on his favorite Tiny. But you know, it’s a Tiny. Give him a Scepter and he will smash down buildings. Knowing that they were in no position to take a fight, PoC decided to rat it out. With 2 moonshards on the Tiny, he began taking down tier 3s. With a crucial pick off on the DP, who had no buyback, PoC went all in for the final push! They got the 3 side mega, but died in the process. The crucial moment was when Archmage’s Lina tried to burst down Pandemic’s Gyrocopter with 2 Laguna Blades but he managed to escape on very low HP! Had that been a kill, things could have been different. Till that time, the DP was back and Tiny, who had expended his buyback for the push, couldn’t do anything. Ex-NB marched through the mid lane and finished off what was a real nail biter!

The second game wasn’t much of a contest with Ex-NB showing why they are considered a top team in India. Rampage’s Spectre was charged, roared and killed off repeatedly which meant she couldn’t get a lot of farm up and the game was over in 25 minutes. PoC took 3rd place in ‘The Kaolin Cup’ while Ex-NB marched on into the Grand Finals to face off Beyond Infinity in a Bo5 series.

LB Finals Game 1

So the Grand Finals. The two most dominant teams in the Indian DotA 2 scene. NB vs Elunes for old times’ sakes! And it started at 10 pm..late night Doto ftw!

In the first game, Beyond Infinity picked up and OD. Seeing this, Ex-NB picked up the Puck for Crowley. Puck does decently against an OD. But then BI pulled a quick one..they picked the TA for Swifty (who is a pain for the Puck) and put Blizzard on the safe lane OD! That OD int gain is some pretty OP shit! Towards the end of the game, one Chrono from Battosai’s Void and 3 to 4 right clicks was all it took to get the Lycan down. After a bit of resilience from Ex-NB, Beyond Infinity took game one.

Grand Finals Game 1

Game two was a totally different affair and was decided by the last 2 picks. Ex-NB picked a TA with a Viper still in the pool. The Viper was picked for Swifty and there was literally nothing Crowley could do in the mid lane. Support had to be brought in which meant Pandemic’s Spectre was left unattended and got outlaned by Batto’s Void. It was an 18 minute affair in which Beyond Infinity swept the floor under their opponents’ feet!

Grand Finals Game 2

With Beyond Infinity leading 2-0 and just a game away from being crowned the winners of ‘The Kaolin Cup’, Ex-NB had to try a different strat and that was just what they did! With Haunter playing Kunkka and Crowley playing Tinker, the rat was on! Kunka would use X-marks on the Tinker, who would teleport to a lane, spam the March Of The Machines, maybe inflict some pain on the opposition and be brought back by the X-marks!

This did work to an extent and they managed to get 2 sets of racks; but when the enemy has a farmed Lina and Gyrocopter, it is gonna be a bit difficult to win. The best counter to the Ex-NB strat was a Euls Scepter, which prevents the target from going back. After about 50 minutes into the game, Crowley was forced to commit suicide (with the Bloodstone, that is 😛 ) and he didn’t have buyback. The dearth of Bloodstone charges didn’t help his case either. Beyond Infinity raided the base and finished off the game to win the Grand Finals 3-0!

Grand Finals Game 3

Congratulations to Beyond Infinity for this achievement! The wounded animal that is Ex-NB will definitely bite back!


A good 3 weeks of DotA 2 in which a few new teams surfaced to the top. We hope the teams will maintain stable rosters and continue to practice which will help then get better!


Last but not the least, MaG Gaming wishes to thank Ajeenkya DY Patil University who made the event possible. Do check out the University’s website,, for all the courses that they have to offer!


We’d also like to thank who are supporting MaG Gaming for aiming higher!


Until next time, goodbye guys!

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