DotA 2 Positive Armor Mechanics

DotA 2 Positive Armor Mechanics

Positive Armor Mechanics

13th April 2016

In this video, we look at the mechanics of positive armor in DotA 2.


DotA 2 is a very complex games with a lot of mechanics, half of which most of us have no clue about. That’s what makes DotA 2 so interesting! (not the not knowing part, the many DotA ¬†mechanics part)


Most of us know that it’s an effective way of reducing physical damage, but how much does each point of armor affect you? Also, is it good to increase the armor beyond a certain point?


Watch the video to shed some light on these questions and maybe help you be a better DotA 2 player. Let us know in the comments if you found it helpful!

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