Deck Tech: Malygos Token Druid

Deck Tech: Malygos Token Druid

Malygos Token Druid

16th Sept 2016

Token Druid is definitely a deck we have all faced in the recent past and it has been dominating the Hearthstone ladder for quite a few seasons now. While the Druid class cards from One Night in Karazhan were mostly focused on pushing the Beast Druid archetype, Arcane Giant from the Neutral set made various niche Druid archetypes like Malygos Druid a lot more viable due to the kind of pressure you can generate with them. Moonglade Portal is also a great addition to the deck because it allows you to generate board presence while healing at the same time and of course, the average 6 drop is pretty good!



You most definitely want to have your ramp cards and early removals. Look for cards like Wild Growth, Raven Idol and Wrath. If you are starting off against an aggressive deck keep Living Roots too in relevant matchups because Malygos is not your only win condition. If you have follow ups with Innervate then you should keep Innervate as well. A lot of people recommend keeping Innervate always, but you should not keep it if you do not have anything impactful to Innervate into!

A lot of people are trying out the Miracle version of Malygos Druid with Gadgetzan Auctioneer but ‘getting the beast deals anywhere’ isn’t enough to fight off aggressive starts by popular decks like Aggro Shaman, Dragon Warrior or Mid Range Hunter. We chose to go with the Violet Teacher and Power of the Wild package to ensure we have enough mid game presence instead of just relying on Mire Keeper and Fandral Staghelm to carry us through to the late game. The deck has less heal than the more popular versions of the deck but you do leverage your board presence in the deck early on. You can choose to use your combo against classes like Paladin and Priest or use your Moonfires and Living Roots freely against aggressive decks to be able to play your Arcane Giants earlier than usual in the games. One of the matchups we often get asked about is Control Warrior. One of the issues that this deck has versus Control Warrior is you do not have enough steam to last the long game and your combo damage isn’t enough to pierce through their armor. You should try to spam the board quickly with your Violet Teacher and buff up the tokens to draw out Brawl and pressure the usage of their resources. Once they deal with the flooded board you should be able to push out your Giants and keep hitting face. Forcing them to use their removal inefficiently is key in the matchup. You should also be greedy with Fandral and Raven Idol to ensure you out value them in the late game as they keep spending their removal and run out of resources, you will be able to refill your hand.


If you are facing a lot of aggressive decks with burst damage you can choose to cut one Azure Drake to fit in a Feral Rage and if you happen to be facing Druids a lot who keep dropping big minions like Ancient of War and Arcane Giant, consider fitting in Mulch. You have multiple win conditions in the deck and if all else fails we have Yogg Saron, Hope’s End. As much as we love to hate the card, it sure does its job well more often than not and Druid is a class that has poor comeback mechanisms making Yogg a perfect fit for the deck!


Try it out out and let us know how you like it in the comments!