A Chat With NO_Chanc3 As Beyond Infinity Head Into The ESL One Manila SEA Qualifiers

A Chat With NO_Chanc3 As Beyond Infinity Head Into The ESL One Manila SEA Qualifiers

Beyond Infinity

22nd March 2016

Beyond Infinity are currently the talk of the Indian DotA 2 scene! Having made it through the SEA Open Qualifiers of ESL One Manila, the team owned by Neerav Rukhana and sponsored by ASUS will be starting their journey in the main qualifiers with the likes of Fnatic and MVP Phoenix on the 23rd of March!


MaG Gaming’s Gopya had a small chat with Beyond Infinity’s in game captain Moin ‘NO_Chanc3’ Ejaz about the upcoming challenge and the bootcamping life. Here’s how it went:

1) Gopya: So you guys made it through the open qualifiers of ESL One Manila. Huge achievement! Now you’ll be playing the qualifiers which also have the likes of Fnatic and MVP Phoenix! How tough was it to get through and how excited are you?


NO_Chanc3: Well, it was really hard. We had to face teams like rrq, mugsy, etc. while 2 of our players were playing from home due to their academic commitments. They still had to skip one exam to play this qualifier. As for our excitement levels, they’ve never been higher. This is the farthest any Indian team has even gotten in competitive DotA so we have a huge sense of responsibility as well. Things should go well, hopefully.



2) Gopya: Great to hear that! :-) Yes indeed..first time any Indian team has gotten so far! So you take on Wu Jie from Malaysia tomorrow in the first round. Any insights on the team?


NO_Chanc3: Wu.jie is very strong team. They have experienced players like johny, kang, nj and they have qualified for epicentre by beating teams like msnki-x and rave. Definitely an uphill task but we’re up for it with all we’ve got.



3) Gopya: I’m sure you are and all of India will supporting you! The current meta has definitely favoured you. Starting with CVC, you guys went on to win Mangima and then The Kaolin Cup. Are you looking to better what you’ve been doing or can we expect some new strats?!


NO_Chanc3: It’d be silly if I gave away our strats in a public interview 😛 What I can, however, say is that we’re going to build on some of our old strats and try a few new ones.



4) Gopya: Haha. I’m glad you aren’t 😉 So you guys have been boot camping for a while now with your manager and BI owner Neerav with you. How’s the experience been? And how’s the team’s relation with Neerav?


NO_Chanc3: There is no manager for us as of now but everything is being handled by our owner Neerav himself. The teams relation with Neerav is very good, he stays with us most of time watching us play and motivates us everytime. Apart from these things, he is the best person to work along with as he has great passion towards the game.



5) Gopya: That’s exactly what we need I guess. People who have a passion for the game and believe in a team like you! :-) If it’s not too intrusive, could you tell me for how many hours in a day do you guys practice as a team and how many hours of solo practice?


NO_Chanc3: In a day we practice 6 to 8 hours as a team and after that we play 4-8 hours solo games.



6) Gopya: That’s quite a lot! 😀 Love the dedication.. So on a personal level No_Chanc3, how are you liking 6.86? Tired of it?!


NO_Chanc3: Every bloody game Omni OD Spectre and in my team some guy wants to try Invoker, Sniper as support. Hope this meta changes fast.


Gopya: Hahaha xD. All the best for tomorrow! :-)


NO_Chanc3: Ty!

ESL One Manila Open Qualifiers Draw

Beyond Infinity’s game against Wu Jie will be starting at 6:30 pm IST. The game will be available on DotA 2 TV under the ESL One Manila ticket. In case you’re gonna be stranded somewhere away from a computer, we’ll be streaming the game so you don’t miss it!


From everyone of us here at MaG Gaming, we wish Beyond Infinity all the best! We hope they go the distance!

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