Antec GX 200 Cabinet Review

Antec GX200 Cabinet Review

Antec GX200

Cabinet Specifications:

Brand :    Antec
Model : GX200 BLUE
Case Type : Mid Tower
Color : Black
Maximum CPU cooler height : up to 158 mm
Expansion Slots  : 7 x PCI-E
Motherboard Support : Standard ATX, Micro ATX, Mini-ITX

Cooling System
2 x 120 mm front intake fans (1 included, 1 optional)
1 x 120 mm  rear fan (included)
1 x 120 mm  side fan (optional)

Drive Bays
1 x 5.25″ tool-less drive bay
4x 3.5″ tool-less HDD
1×2.5″ SSD

Top Ports
1x USB3.0+2 x USB 2.0
HD Audio In/Out

Cable Management
cable routing space behind motherboard
Cable routing holes

Dimensions : 185 x 412 x 450 mm
Weight : 4.5 kg
40HQ/ 40’/20’  QTY  : 1100pcs/935pcs/450pcs

As many gamers know, a custom configured PC is almost always more superior to a run of the mill PC picked up directly from a showroom. When we assemble our PCs we often boast about the RAM, Motherboard, GPU and what not. But we often forget a very important peripheral. The cabinet!


The cabinet is as much a fashion statement as it is a place to protect your so precious hardware. Especially in India where the temperature is high and the air is dusty, a good cabinet is very important as most of us don’t live in a 24×7 Air conditioned environment.

The Antec GX 200 Cabinet is a Mid Tower sized entry level cabinet designed specifically for Gaming. It has some generous proportions which allows the installation of a 380mm graphics-card, and motherboards of ATX, mATX and mini-ITX size. It also has 7 x PCI-E Expansion slots and space for 4 x 3.5”Tool less HDDs and 1 x 2.5” SSD to satisfy most gamers.

Antec GX200 Open
Antec GX200 Cabinet 0

3 USB slots are located at the top of the cabinet for easy access (1x USB3.0+2 x USB 2.0).

Antec GX200 Cabinet 8

Antec has been very considerate and thoughtful in providing a separate place to keep all our peripherals (Cellphones/ HDDs) convienietly.

Antec GX200 Cabinet 6

Finally, the Antec GX 200 comes with a distinctive front grill that improves the air flow. Depending upon the model, you can select the red or blue lighting option. My personal recommendation is to pick the red, it looks much cooler!

GX200 Blue Or Red Grill

In conclusion, I’d say the Antec GX 200 isn’t the fanciest cabinet out in the market. Customisation options are limited to the colour of the original model that you buy and it lacks some fancy LED changing options.


However, it definitely satisfies the needs of the average gamer! If you’re looking to build your first PC and need a good cabinet, then your search ends here!

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