About Us

How MaG Gaming Came Into Existence

Warhog sat in his office. It wasn’t that he didn’t like his job (or ‘working with his dad’), but he loved DotA 2. Indian E-Sports was on the rise, but nowhere close to what it is in the West or Southeast Asia. Wanting to make a change and knowing this was the time to do it, he took a decision and told his DotA loving friends Jinpachi, Zoran, Sesshoumaru and Ghost! Everyone loved the idea and agreed to join in on the quest to add value to Indian E-Sports. Ghost mentioned the idea to his friend Gopya who found it pretty intriguing and was added to the party as well. Arcrazor and Pyrus were keen guys picked up from Facebook. After probably the longest debate in the organization, everyone settled on the name MaG Gaming (where the ‘MaG’ is for the short form used for the gun Magnum. Hence the scope!).. and that’s how it all began! Imli and Elladan joined to complete the team!

Since then there has been no looking back. From ‘First Blood’ to ‘Double Damage’ to ‘The Kaolin Cup’. The entire team is dedicated in the betterment of E-Sports in India by providing budding gamers a platform to showcase their skills and keeping the community up to date with events in world of E-Sports via Facebook page and website. Our ambition at MaG Gaming is to keep the community engaged by making them aware of upcoming event and providing teams with motives to perform better.

MaG Gaming has been joined in this crusade by is the world’s biggest digital marketplace for gamers and has played a large part in E-Sports in the West. With MaG Gaming’s partnership with G2A, we hope to have a similar influence on not only Indian E-Sports, but also on the E-Sports industry in the other countries in the Indian Subcontinent.

The road ahead is ahead is tough, but that is exactly what makes the end result seem better! We hope that with persistence, India will be a force to reckon with in the world of E-Sports!