A Talk With Beyond Infinity’s Mid Laner ‘Swifty’ After BI’s Run In The ESL One Manila Qualifiers

A Talk With Beyond Infinity’s Mid Laner ‘Swifty’ After BI’s Run In The ESL One Manila Qualifiers


30th March 2016

Beyond Infinity, owned by Neerav Rukhana and powered by ASUS, are making the headlines for all the right reasons! The Indian DotA 2 team made it through the ESL One Manila SEA Open Qualifiers into the main qualifiers. After beating Wu Jie 2-0, they eventually succumbed 2-0 to Fnatic which currently is the best DotA 2 team in South East Asia.


I had a chat with BI’s prolific mid laner, Swifty, in which we spoke about the experience, the road ahead, Ex-NB’s rejuvenation, his personal journey and the meta. Here’s how it went:


1) Gopya: Swifty! Firstly, congratulations on your great achievement and hard luck. It was always gonna be difficult.. But a great experience! How was the experience? Playing against Fnatic and for you personally, playing against MidOne who’s getting better with each tourney?


Swifty: Yo! thanks. It was a wonderful experience. Playing against the people we’ve watched and learned is an achievement in itself I feel. And MidOne played beautifully. It just made us realize we still have a long way to go :)



2) Gopya: Yes definitely a long way to go, but also shows you guys have come a long way!

Getting to the games, what did you guys feel was the main differentiating factor? Was it the draft or was it down to sheer experience?


Swifty: I think it ultimately came down to their sheer experience and understanding of the game. While our laning phase went well, their immaculate ganks and execution took the game away. I also feel our mid game decision making could have been better but one can attribute that to our nervousness and pressure of the game. I feel with experience and more games against teams like Fnatic, we will overcome that obstacle as well.



3) Gopya: Oh yes that is something really commendable..the laning phase went decently in both games! The mental game will improve with experience, no doubt.

So what’s lined up for Beyond Infinity in the coming weeks?!


Swifty: For this week, we’re going to focus on the ESL One Frankfurt Open Qualifiers. Then we’ll play the Manila Major Open Qualifiers next. That’s about it for the upcoming weeks.



4) Gopya: Sounds something the entire community will look forward to! Can’t wait for it!

So a couple of big announcements in the past few days..Archmage will be now playing for Ex-NB, who as you might have heard, have been acquired by Invisible Wings! They’ll be bootcamping just like you guys..what do you make of it? Relishing the challenge?


Swifty: Absolutely. They’ve always been good competition and Archmage’s addition to the team definitely makes them a strong contender. It’s good to have a local team to keep you in check and we’re looking forward to the competition.



5) Gopya: I’m sure so is everyone! It’s our own Indian Classico!

Coming to Swifty the player, how’s the journey been for you? A year ago while playing for Surekh Gaming (we all miss that team *tears*), did you ever think you’d be playing for the best team in the country?


Swifty: I look back myself and the realization is overwhelming. I came a long way in a short span of time. My team recognized my potential and gave me an opportunity at Elunes. It has only been an upward journey thereon. So yeah, to answer your questions, about slightly over an year ago I didn’t think I’d be playing against Fnatic and definitely didn’t know I will be playing for India’s best team.



6) Gopya: And finally, something I like to hear from all pros, what do you make of the current meta? Tired of ODomni or are you the one that grabs the OD?!


Swifty: Thanks a lot 😀

Honestly this meta is retarded cause of OD + Omni + Spec. I prefer not to pick OD.



Gopya: Sure is. We should see the end of them in April.

Alright Swifty, thanks a lot for your time!

Any shout outs?


Swifty: No problem at all :)

Shout out to our Sponsors ASUS and Neerav Rukhana . Also shout out to my family for letting me play 😀

BI’s achievement sure made the E-Sports community proud. Let’s hope Beyond Infinity and Invisible Wings give us many more such occasions in the near future!