A Conversation With Simar ‘-psy’ Sethi As The IW CS:GO Squad March On In The ESL India Premiership

A Conversation With Simar ‘-psy’ Sethi As The IW CS:GO Squad March On In The ESL India Premiership

The Invisible Wings CSGO Squad

24th May 2016

Since Simar ‘-psy’ Sethi joined the Invisible Wings CS:GO Roster on the 12th of May 2016, the team has been going from strength to strength! A team of promising youngsters, IW lacked a stable IGL (in game leader) which is just what they’ve found in -psy!


MaG Gaming’s Shubbit, who’s joined us recently, had the chance to catch the guys in action in Kolkata as they took on Team Excile in the round of 128 of the ESL India Premiership. After their convincing 16-1 victory on Cobble, he got the opportunity to speak with -psy about his journey, the CS:GO scene in India and Invisible Wings. This was what he had to say:

Shubbit: Congratulations on your first win, your first win with IW and as their IGL and in the ESL India premiership. The roster is finalised as of now?

-psy: Yep, we’re looking to go till the end of the ESL India Premiership right now hopefully if things go well.


S: Let’s talk a bit about the game. What do you think went right for you and what do you think you need to work on?

p: Cobble is our favourite map so we were very confident. Cobble is THE map for us. Second, our CT setup was pretty good and everything was going in our favour, our smokes, flashes and everything was good. Then on the T side, RuleZ and supermaN went huge in the pistol rounds. That was a big reason as well.

We’ll need to work a bit more on our CT side. We need to hold. Basically our CT side setup, we need to fix our CT side a little bit.


S: Tough luck on the 16-0 dream not coming true

p: Yeah! (laughs) That was our fault. Antidote and I went off guard in that round and that was our fault. Totally our fault!


S: Well, there’s always the next round to keep the dream alive…

p: Yea (laughs). Hopefully…

The Invisible Wings CS:GO Squad In Action
The Invisible Wings CS:GO Squad In Action

S: Tell me something about your stint in Brutality..

p: Basically, when I got an offer from Brutality, when they offered me to join their team, I was very excited because it’s a professional organization and it’s top 2 organizations in India and it’s a very stable organization as well. I was very excited and I thought I should join that team because the players were very good and very friendly, especially v3nom. But after we went to Dubai and lost, there were some team conflicts and some motivation problems. That was the main reason for leaving Brutality for me. It was a mutual team decision. v3nom asked me, “psy what happened? What do you wanna do? We can fix it”, but i was really demotivated at that time and then i took a break from gaming after leaving Brutality.


S: So you took a break after Brutality?

p: Yeah, I took a break from gaming and I was very inactive in tournaments but I was playing in mix teams, not professional teams. Then I got an offer from IW. They told me it’s a sponsored team and it’s a stable organisation as well. So I thought I should give it a try because I was not playing at that time as well. So I joined the team and Kanishka and Shivansh who are the owners of the team, supported us a lot and hopefully they will keep doing so. So, I am very happy to join IW because these players are very young.


S: Yes! This is the youngest squad?

Yes, exactly. This is the youngest CS:GO squad in India, right now. I’m 17 and our overall age is about 17-18. So I thought I should give it a try because their play style is different and these guys are young and dedicated.


S: What do you bring to the table as IGL?

p: Basically strats, some experience. Some setups, CT side setups, some new things. It all comes down to experience!


S: What do you think the team brings that complements your play style?

p: Yeah, exactly. They listen to me blindly. So if I say “Rush B”, they go “Okay, we’re rushing B right now”. They trust me blindly. That is another reason I am very happy to join IW because of the trust and that’s why we win and the confidence I have in them. They are pretty good aimers as well.


S: You’re 17 and at the same time, you’re a veteran in the Indian CS:GO scene. What do you think of the scene and its problems?

p: The main problem with the Indian scene is team rosters. After they lose, they immediately disband maybe after one or two games. You just cannot do well like that. You have to trust your teammates, you can improve day by day by playing some scrims, matches.


S: So, what do your parents have to say about you playing CS:GO?

p: Yeah, they’re great. They support me a lot.


S: When did you start gaming?

p: I used to play 1.6 when I was 12 or 13. I was a noob back then. When I came into CS:GO, i was gold nova III or something and I thought maybe I should give it a try. I mean, the scene is huge. At that time, Team Wolf used to dominate and I got some motivation from them. They used to inspire me and then in 2014, I think I started playing CS:GO…no December 2013 is when I started.


S: Any tips for the youngsters out there?

p: If you guys are new, just make a new team and start practising daily. You have to trust your teammates, and you’ll improve daily and that’s pretty much it.


S: Any shoutouts?

p: IW, Kanishka, Shivansh, MaG Gaming, my fans and of course my family!


S: Before we sign off, what goals, both immediate and long term, are you guys looking at?

 p: Right now, the priority is getting top 2 in the Starter Cup in ESL India Premiership, Gradually as we get better, the goal is to dominate India and move on from there to dominating Asia and better things still!

This is a very young squad with a lot of potential! Let’s see where they go from here under -psy’s leadership!

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